My name is Bronwyn and I am a Coeliac.

Greetings everyone.

My name is Bronwyn and I am a Coeliac.

Sound a bit like an AA meeting confession? I kid you not – when I am brave enough to publicly make this ‘confession’, looks of incredulity pass over the dials of most people. It sounds BAD – therefore they ignore me, in the hope that I might go away and never bring it up again!

I am amazed how many people have never heard of this (AUTO-IMMUNE) condition, or rather, might have somewhere, in the dim, dark recesses of their mind, subconsciously linked the word COELIAC with the words GLUTEN FREE – and then, come up with WEIRDO! That is one of the reasons I have decided to now write this blog.

The other is to support fellow Kiwis out there who might be in the process as I write, of finding that they also, are ‘1 in a 100.’ Yes….SPECIAL!

Nearly two years ago now I heard that a blood test result indicated I (might) have Coeliac Disease. I was totally incredulous!  I actually knew about Coeliac Disease,  a close friend was diagnosed with it several years ago… but in comparing myself to her (as you do) I thought the doctor had got it totally wrong!  Besides, I was in my (then) 19 year old daughter’s room in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of Auckland hospital when I heard this from my husband (aka the beekeeper) – awaiting her transplant the following day.
I knew I would have to change my diet and start eliminating all traces of gluten from my diet, because that is the ONLY way to control it and prevent further health issues and repair the damage already done to the small intestine. Once a Coeliac, always a Coeliac – yes, it STILL sounds like an AA message!

I didn’t have time for Coeliac Disease – this was most inconvenient, to say the least! I realised I had rather a lot of questions …I would have to begin my quest to learn more and get my own health back on track.

But right now…as I write… Prince William and Kate Middleton are soon to get married (in my lounge!) … WATCH THIS SPACE!


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