This list is mainly compiled of establishments I have visited.

If I have not visited any of the following I will indicate as YET TO BE RATED.

BURGER FUEL (Burger Fuel also has a facebook page)

Gluten-free burger buns are $2.00 extra.

(these are also dairy free & soy free, but do contain egg whites)

All BURGER ingredients are gluten-free EXCEPT for the 1/3 lb with cheese burger.

All fries are cooked in the same friers as gluten* containing products *these are named as moto bites and *beer battered fries – indicating that it would be wise to avoid the fries and stick to the burgers.

Good burgers, the buns are pretty good for gluten-free – but don’t expect them to taste like regular burger buns.

DOMINOS PIZZA (Dominos also has a facebook page)

A gluten-free pizza base is available for an extra charge.

Recommended toppings to accompany a gluten free base are detailed on the menu.

Just be careful what you choose.

Personally, I have found their gluten-free pizzas to be quite acceptable.

Website Disclaimer:

Dominos Pizza takes due care preparing their pizzas, due to not being an exclusive gluten free environment, it cannot be guaranteed that these pizzas will be 100% free from gluten.


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